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Analytical Biochemistry: Alert 2 March-8 March

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Analytical BiochemistryAnalytical Biochemistry
Volume 499 ,  Pages 1-90, 15 April 2016

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Pages ii-iii

  Regular Articles
A high-throughput method for liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry determination of plasma alkylresorcinols, biomarkers of whole grain wheat and rye intake   Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Alastair B. Ross, Cecilia Svelander, Otto I. Savolainen, Mads Vendelbo Lind, John P. Kirwan, Isabelle Breton, Jean-Philippe Godin, Ann-Sofie Sandberg
Y-shaped probe for convenient and label-free detection of microRNA-21 in vitro   Original Research Article
Pages 8-14
Kui He, Rong Liao, Changqun Cai, Caishuang Liang, Chan Liu, Xiaoming Chen
DRME: Count-based differential RNA methylation analysis at small sample size scenario   Original Research Article
Pages 15-23
Lian Liu, Shao-Wu Zhang, Fan Gao, Yixin Zhang, Yufei Huang, Runsheng Chen, Jia Meng
Determination of glutaredoxin enzyme activity and protein S-glutathionylation using fluorescent eosin-glutathione   Original Research Article
Pages 24-33
Lucia Coppo, Sergio J. Montano, Alicia C. Padilla, Arne Holmgren
Micromorphological characterization and label-free quantitation of small rubber particle protein in natural rubber latex   Original Research Article
Pages 34-42
Sai Wang, Jiahui Liu, Yanxia Wu, Yawen You, Jingyi He, Jichuan Zhang, Liqun Zhang, Yiyang Dong
Optimization of surface plasmon resonance experiments: Case of high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) interactions   Original Research Article
Pages 43-50
Wresti L. Anggayasti, Ricardo L. Mancera, Steven Bottomley, Erik Helmerhorst
Colorimetric detection of bisphenol A based on unmodified aptamer and cationic polymer aggregated gold nanoparticles   Original Research Article
Pages 51-56
Dongwei Zhang, Jiayi Yang, Jing Ye, Lurong Xu, Hanchu Xu, Shenshan Zhan, Bing Xia, Lumei Wang
Polymerase chain reaction–hybridization method using urease gene sequences for high-throughput Ureaplasma urealyticum and Ureaplasma parvum detection and differentiation   Original Research Article
Pages 57-62
Chen Xu, Nan Zhang, Qianyu Huo, Minghui Chen, Rengfeng Wang, Zhili Liu, Xue Li, Yunde Liu, Huijing Bao
Development of a heat-mediated protein blotting method   Original Research Article
Pages 66-70
Jack O'Sullivan, Hilary E.M. McMahon
Adventitial ablation technique that permits the assessment of adventitial-dependent contribution to microvascular contractile function   Original Research Article
Pages 71-77
Satirah Zainalabidin, Roger M. Wadsworth, Paul Coats
Protocol for miRNA isolation from biofluids   Original Research Article
Pages 78-84
Evgeny A. Lekchnov, Ivan A. Zaporozhchenko, Evgeny S. Morozkin, Olga E. Bryzgunova, Valentin V. Vlassov, Pavel P. Laktionov
A strategy to quantitate global phosphorylation of bone matrix proteins   Original Research Article
Pages 85-89
Gra┼╝yna E. Sroga, Deepak Vashishth
  Notes And Tips
An effective thiol-reactive probe for differential scanning fluorimetry with a standard real-time polymerase chain reaction device   
Pages 63-65
Lukas Hofmann, Sahil Gulati, Avery Sears, Phoebe L. Stewart, Krzysztof Palczewski

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