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Monday, October 20, 2014




I represent a group of companies and very high net-worth individuals, based in the oil rich Persian Gulf Region of Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We are seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interests further abroad, in the following sectors -Real Estate, Banking, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Stock Speculation and Mining, Transportation, Health Care Delivery and IT ? Communications Services, Agriculture - Forestry /Fishing, Food Processing and indeed in any other sector, that is legitimate.

If you have a solid background and idea of how to make good profit in any of the mentioned business sectors, or indeed any other sector/business in your country, or elsewhere, please write me, for possible business co-operation.

More-so, we are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating good Annual Returns on Investment (AROI), on Joint Venture Partnership basis. Hard Loan Funding may also be considered.

Write me, via Email: if you are interested and serious.


Mr. Hamza Idris



I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to starting a relationship but I believe knowing each other starts from a step of which I believe I am not making a mistake exposing this very
important business offer to you? Firstly, let me identify myself without any intention of equivocation. I am Mrs. Ma Kim, the wife of Mr. Choong founder of many Korean leading companies but having problems with the government and executives of their conglomerate on corrupt allegations leveled on my husband, which are basically untrue.

However, I have a legitimate business offer for you regarding some secret funds deposited somewhere in Europe for a safe-keeping, totaling the sum of USD$150,000.000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Million
United States Dollars Only). These funds can be released to you for any investment you wish to embark upon for a time period of ten (10) years before refunding it back to us.

Furthermore, I will be ready to negotiate terms with you, if I know your financial capability, experience and investment preposition, projections you wish to utilize this funds on, hence, I will direct you to the useful contact, where these process will be concluded within matter of days. Finally, I will furnish you with more information when I receive a respond from you.

Yours truly
Mrs. Ma Kim

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reply ASAP,

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Gui Anvanith and a personal Accountant/Executive board of Directors with Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia (FTB).
it is with good spirit of heart i opened up this great opportunity to you A deceased client of mine that shares almost the same name as yours died as a result of heart-related condition on march 2005.His heart condition was duo to the death of the members of his family in the tsunami disaster on the 26 December 2004 in Sumatra Indonesia where they all lost their lives..{More info:}

There is a draft account opened in my bank in 1999 by a long-time client our bank,a national of your country.he was a CEO/a textile company owner,business man,a miner at kruger mining company here in Cambodia. he was a geologist and consultant to several other mining conglomerates operating in Cambodia,China,Taiwan,Japan,Indonesia,Pakistan,Vietnam all in Asia,before he passed away on 12th march 2005 leaving nobody as the next of kin of his account after his death.

The amount in this account is currently $23,340,00.00{Twenty Three Million,Three Hundred and Forty Thousand United State Dollars}I want to present you as a beneficiary,I will use my position and influence in our bank to make they release this money to you for us to share.If i wait for days and i do not hear from you,I shall look for another person.

Kindly get back to me for more details

Yours sincerely
Mr. Gui Anvanith
Board member
Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia
Phnom Penh


ExxonMobil House
Ermyn Way
Surrey, KT22 8UX.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Mr. Peter Alexandra, representing the operation and corporate affairs
in contract related matters of Exxon Mobil in London
( Exxon Mobil is one of the World Largest oil
producing and Management Company with over 1.2 Trillion pounds Capital
contract Investment.

As a senior operational and corporate affairs representative of Exxon
Mobil that handle contract related matters, I successfully over invoiced a
contract few years back which is not known by anybody and, I need your
full cooperation and partnership to re-profile this contract funds
amounting to US$2.5M to your name as the contractor that executed this
contract in Asia few years.

The fund will be paid to you through a Finance Company where it is
presently deposited as soon as the filing and documentation process is
concluded in your name because the contract was executed by Exxon Mobil
United Kingdom in Asia.

Most importantly, you will be required to fill your data's stated below to
enable me arrange legal documents that will proof you as a sole contractor

(1). Stand as the beneficiary / contractor with Exxon Mobil to receive the
funds as I will present you before the firm with legal documents.
(2). Receive the funds into a business/personal bank account in your country.
(3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 60%
for me, 40% for you.
(4) Full Names;
(5) Contact Address:
(6) Direct Telephone No:
(7) Occupation:
(8) Age and Marital Status:

Note: Do not contact my office number or company email for security
reasons. Get back to me as soon as possible For more details about the

Best Regards.
Mr. Peter Alexandra,
Operation and Corporate Affairs Officer
ExxonMobil London.


Congatrulations from BMW

Automobiles 22 Garden Close,
United States Of America.

Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a prize of a brand new BMW 2014 Series Car and a Check of $1,500,000.00usd from international programs held on this quater 2014 section in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system (ESS) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world which you were selected.

The BMW Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

To begin the processing of your prize you are to contact our fiduciary claims department for more information as regards procedures to claim your prize.


Contact him by please providing your secret pin code Number BMW:1051256003/25.

You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:

1. Name in full.
2. Address.
3. Nationality.
4. Age
5. Phone/Fax.
6. Present Country.
7. Email address.

Mrs. Kathy Lubourk

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