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Analytical Biochemistry: Alert 26 February-3 March

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Analytical BiochemistryAnalytical Biochemistry
Volume 497 ,  Pages 1-106, 15 March 2016

Methods in the Biological Sciences, submit your next methods paper today.

Editorial Board   
Pages ii-iii

  Review Article
Nanostructured materials in electroanalysis of pharmaceuticals   Review Article
Pages 39-47
A. Rahi, K. Karimian, H. Heli
  Regular Articles
Conformational changes of recombinant monoclonal antibodies by limited proteolytic digestion, stable isotope labeling, and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry   Original Research Article
Pages 1-7
Gomathinayagam Ponniah, Christine Nowak, Adriana Kita, Guilong Cheng, Yekaterina Kori, Hongcheng Liu
Building homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer assays for characterization of bivalent inhibitors of an inhibitor of apoptosis protein target   Original Research Article
Pages 8-17
Charu Chaudhry, Jonathan Davis, Yong Zhang, Shana Posy, Ming Lei, Henry Shen, Chunhong Yan, Brigitte Devaux, Litao Zhang, Yuval Blat, William Metzler, Robert M. Borzilleri, Randy L. Talbott
Miniaturized and direct spectrophotometric multi-sample analysis of trace metals in natural waters   Original Research Article
Pages 18-23
Gemma Albendín, José A. López-López, Juan J. Pinto
An improved Bathocuproine assay for accurate valence identification and quantification of copper bound by biomolecules   Original Research Article
Pages 27-35
Dinglong Chen, Narek Darabedian, Zhiqiang Li, Tianhan Kai, Dianlu Jiang, Feimeng Zhou
iSuc-PseOpt: Identifying lysine succinylation sites in proteins by incorporating sequence-coupling effects into pseudo components and optimizing imbalanced training dataset   Original Research Article
Pages 48-56
Jianhua Jia, Zi Liu, Xuan Xiao, Bingxiang Liu, Kuo-Chen Chou
pRNAm-PC: Predicting N6-methyladenosine sites in RNA sequences via physical–chemical properties   Original Research Article
Pages 60-67
Zi Liu, Xuan Xiao, Dong-Jun Yu, Jianhua Jia, Wang-Ren Qiu, Kuo-Chen Chou
Development of neuraminidase detection using gold nanoparticles boron-doped diamond electrodes   Original Research Article
Pages 68-75
Wulan T. Wahyuni, Tribidasari A. Ivandini, Endang Saepudin, Yasuaki Einaga
Enrichment and identification of glycoproteins in human saliva using lectin magnetic bead arrays   Original Research Article
Pages 76-82
Michael Caragata, Alok K. Shah, Benjamin L. Schulz, Michelle M. Hill, Chamindie Punyadeera
Microwave-assisted extraction of cyclotides from Viola ignobilis   Original Research Article
Pages 83-89
Mohsen Farhadpour, Hossein Hashempour, Zahra Talebpour, Nazanin A-Bagheri, Mozhgan Sadat Shushtarian, Christian W. Gruber, Alireza Ghassempour
A sandwich ELISA for the conformation-specific quantification of the activated form of human Bax   Original Research Article
Pages 90-94
Oscar Teijido, Yogesh Tengarai Ganesan, Raul Llanos, Ashley Peton, Jean-Baptiste Urtecho, Adauri Soprani, Aimee Villamayor, Bruno Antonsson, Stéphen Manon, Laurent Dejean
Probe-free allele-specific copy number detection and analysis of tumors   Original Research Article
Pages 95-102
Ailin Zhu, Xiaowei Guan, Xinbin Gu, Guiqin Xie
  Notes And Tips
Long-term ex vivo and in vivo monitoring of tumor progression by using dual luciferases   
Pages 24-26
Naoki Morita, Sanae Haga, Yoshihiro Ohmiya, Michitaka Ozaki
Evaluation of an in vitro muscle contraction model in mouse primary cultured myotubes   
Pages 36-38
Yasuko Manabe, Shinya Ogino, Miyuki Ito, Yasuro Furuichi, Mayumi Takagi, Mio Yamada, Naoko Goto-Inoue, Yusuke Ono, Nobuharu L. Fujii
A composite agarose–polyacrylamide matrix as two-dimensional hard support for solid-phase protein assays   
Pages 57-59
Wladyslaw A. Krajewski
A spectroscopic method to determine the activity of the restriction endonuclease EcoRV that involves a single reaction   
Pages 103-105
Qing Huang, Edwin Quiñones
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